Effective Business Writing Skills (EBWS)

Whether it’s a well crafted email, a powerful proposal, an important executive summary or a well thought out report, effective business writing skill is your passport to crisp communication and better results.

Recommended class size 10-15 delegates. Offered in-house.

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 Duration 1 or 2 days (depending on modules required).

Course Objectives
  • Identify and address writing challenges;
  • Identify ways to make writing simpler and easier to read and understand (more “readable”);
  • Different ways to document and communicate information – choosing the correct medium;
  • How to package your message in an attractive, professional manner that achieves the desired results;
  • To increase confidence in own writing ability.


Introduction & Overview
  • Objectives & definitions
  • Top 10 Challenges (Icebreaker)
  • The 5 C’s
  • Strategies to ensure your writing is well received and achieves the desired results
  • Selecting the appropriate method of communication
You The Client Selects…

…only the required content and modules from the selection below:

  • Identifying the intended audience and their expectations
  • Purpose and function of the document / communication
  • Planning the document: logical sequence
  • Components of the document
  • Structure and lay-out (format)
  • Using an appropriate style and tone
  • Checklists – did I hit the mark?
  • Characteristics of an effective document
  1. Persuasive Proposals
  2. Comprehensive Reports
  3. Business plans
  4. Business letters
  5. Memorandums
  6. Netiquette (E-mail etiquette)
  7. The use of minutes and agenda to run effective meetings
 Conclusion & Practical Implementation
  • Overcoming barriers to effective communication
  • Grammar and writing mechanics
  • Readability
  • Editing and revising
  • How to write persuasively
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Effective Business Writing Skills is by definition a customised programme and can be run over 1 or 2 days.

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