Customer Experience (CX) Five New Kids On The Block: 2x 1 hour webinars


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Customer Experience (CX) Five New Kids On The Block

2x 1 hour webinars (use the cart above to book)

The key to staying in business is keeping your best customers. When lockdown is over, where will those customers be?

  • What are your best customers thinking now?
  • Where are they headed in the future?
  • What do they want and what will be different after lockdown?

These are key questions whose answers are critical for the future of your business.

The first half of 2020 has literally turned business on its head like never before in our lifetimes. It’s also constricted household and business cashflow. Understanding the reaction of individuals and organisations to the new landscape of living and doing business is therefore crucial for livelihoods, survival and future sustainability. Put simply, your customer’s changed perceptions now will impact your livelihood 2 years from now and beyond as will your response.

In the 30 minute introductory webinar Paul du Toit, MD of Congruence Training outlined the reasons that maintaining consistently high and predictable levels of service is crucial to your business now and will be a factor in determining if your organisation will be a player in the new abnormal. He will also explain why this might be harder to achieve initially. He focused on 5 new high priority key future CX drivers:

  1. Consistency – impact on brand
  2. Efficiency – impact on experience
  3. Adaptability – impact on your promise
  4. Speed – impact on perceptions
  5. Ease – impact on new business

Read the article CX The Five new kids on the block here.

Monday’s free session laid the foundation. The two 1 hour sessions on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 July provide the tools.

Registration required for all events (scroll up to book your ticket)


2x 1 hour Five New Kids CX webinar paid learning sessions – 9 & 10 July all 11h00 to 12h00:

  • Thursday 9 July – Your attitude; two sides of the coin; case study; the customer’s priorities; perceptions and expectations.
  • Friday 10 July – Clear responses; handling complaints; problem solving; opportunities and communication techniques

Investment ZAR115 per person (includes VAT) for both sessions (not each!) UK £5.35; US$6.60 estimate

Book your place using the cart above. Bookings close Thursday 9 July at 09h00. Participants with paid bookings will receive webinar login by 10h00 Thursday 9 July by email.




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