Customer Experience (CX) Great Service Is Profitable.


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Customer Experience (CX): Great Service is Profitable

A business without customers effectively has no business being in business. What if you have just one customer? Well, that’s risky, because that one customer could leave you for any number of reasons even if you’re delivering excellent service. You then have no business. The trick is to have a pool of good quality customers and to serve them well. That means that if any of them stop dealing with you, you have others to fall back on, while you continue serving them and looking for new customers. These facts have always been so – for ages. Then what has changed?

Customer priorities have, and the shift has been remarkable and sometimes surprising. Join me on this 30 minute webinar to discover what you should be doing differently to keep your customers loyal to your business today.

In the 30 minute introductory webinar Paul du Toit, MD of Congruence Training outlined the reasons that maintaining consistently high and predictable levels of service is crucial to your business now and will be a factor in determining if your organisation will be a player in the new abnormal. He will also explain why this might be harder to achieve initially. He focused on 5 new high priority key future CX drivers:

Paul recently discussed online the 5 new kids on the block referring to the new customer experience priorities. You can view it here.

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2x 1 hour Great Service is Profitable –  7-8 October – both 11h00 to 12h00:

Investment ZAR115 per person (includes VAT) for both sessions (not each!) UK £5.35; US$6.60 estimate

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