Conflict Resolution

Gossip, back-biting, heated arguments and strife in the workplace lead to stress and diminished productivity. Individuals that possess the skills to confront and address workplace conflict make up powerful teams who succeed together in an harmonious, cooperative environment. This programme teaches these vital skills and how to implement them. Recommended 10-15 delegates. In-house only – not available as a public course. Two full days.

Whether conflict is interpersonal, interdepartmental, social or racial, it seriously damages a company’s performance if the root causes are not adequately addressed. And it’s debilitating for the individuals involved.

Conflict Resolution addresses these key interpersonal issues. It also facilitates the agreement of action plans for resolution, and provides tools for “on the job” diagnosis and resolution of potential conflict.

Using a blend of lecture, case studies, role play and practical examples delegates focus 2 full days on the skills of proactively managing conflcit and potentially damaging interpersonal situations in the workplace.

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Course contents

The programme contains eleven modules as follows:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Conflict
  • Module 2: The Nature of Conflict
  • Module 3: The Context (background) of Conflict
  • Module 4: The Value of Diversity
  • Module 5: Recognising Conflict
  • Module 6: The Stages of Conflict
  • Module 7: Diagnostic Tools
  • Module 8: Conflict Handling Guidelines & Strategies
  • Module 9: Conflict Handling Styles
  • Module 10: Communication Framework
  • Module 11: Barriers, Solutions and Action Plans

[message_box ¬†color=”blue”]Outcome:¬†Delegates will emerge with the tools to manage conflict situations proactively and the strategies to implement what they have learned.[/message_box]

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