Empowering Managers

This programme develops core leadership skills in managers. Recommended 10-16 delegates. In-house only – not available as a public course. 2 or 3 full days.

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Failure in business too often boils down to weak leadership. Managing without leadership is a luxury which is no longer tenable. Simply put, leadership is the most critical skill that managers must master.

Everything rises & falls on leadership. This process elevates managers to become leaders, to think and act like leaders by creating vision and a culture of excellence. While it is the application of management functions that relate to the running of a business, it is leadership that ensures the quality & continuity of that business.

We equip delegates to apply management principles with the mindset of a leader; to plan, lead, organize, control, delegate, communicate and make decisions confidently – to inspire trust in those they lead and provide clear purpose & direction. The process equips delegates with the practical hands-on skills required to work with and achieve results through other people and the ability to distinguish between leaders, bosses & followers and to make an influencing difference in the work environment.

Management to Leadership develops capable people to ensure the continuity of your business (training, development and succession). This process may include succession planning – to ensure that positions are occupied by qualified people and that employees have avenues for development and promotion.

Target group: Mid, senior or junior management and people aspiring to management. Delivery and content is adapted to the level and needs of the delegates.

Methodology: Our facilitator uses PowerPoint visual presentations, international best practice videos, role-play and case studies. The programme is a practical and participative workshop. The workshop is facilitated with the emphasis on practical, hands-on exercises and discussion, working within the context of the client’s business environment. The emphasis is on the practical know-how to achieve results through the people who report to you. Videos are relevant and inspirational and highlights how each one can assume leadership if they are equipped.

Course contents

Module 1: Introduction Why this programme? Expectations and daily challenges of delegates.

Management Functions – an overview

  • Planning: setting objectives with your people
  • Organizing: achieving results through your people
  • Directing / leading: setting the example, developing people
  • Coordinating: developing self-confidence in your people and team synergy
  • Communicating: giving and receiving feedback, handling criticism
  • Delegating: the seal of recognition, reflection and trust
  • Controlling: measuring and evaluating work performance and results
  • Decision making and problem solving: dealing with non-performers
  • Motivating: rewarding and recognizing achievement

Module 2: Creating a culture of excellence.

  • The nature of management versus leadership
  • Understanding & motivating people – getting “inside their heads”.
  • Identifying personality styles
  • Identifying management styles & techniques
  • Identifying leadership styles & techniques

Module 3: Raising up leaders. Succession through effective performance management – overview

Conclusion:-Application. Where to now? Creating and transferring vision. What do successful leaders do?

The workshop is practical and participative with examples and case studies taken from the actual work environment. The emphasis is not on theory, but the practical know-how to achieve results through the people who report to you. Videos are relevant and inspirational and the focus is on how each one can assume leadership by equipping their people and making them accountable rather than managing them.

“Excellent, interactive, involves the group a lot and forces you to look objectively at yourself and your shortcomings. It (helped me to) accurately pinpoint my personality ….and leadership styles – and why I should change.” KN

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