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Customer Relationship Skills​

Customer Relationship Skills​

Our flagship customer service programme, tried tested, tweaked and adapted over the years. You see, without customers your business has no business being in business. And customers? Well they’ve become awfully fussy about who they trust these days…

Present With Confidence​

Empowering Managers​

The best employees don’t always make the best managers – at least not without thoughtful development and properly spaced training. Because management skills are taught, developed and ultimately honed through practice and experience.

Empowering Supervisors

Empowering Supervisors​

Supervisors face unique challenges requiring a special set of skills with which they are often not automatically equipped on appointment. Empowering Supervisors bridges this gap and develops these skills creating efficient, confident leaders. 

Present With Confidence​

Learn how you can present like a pro, dazzle your audience and get the results you want every time. The link below will take you to a different website, but still ours!

Smart Negotiating

Getting what you deserve often requires negotiation. Very few people understand that this is 100% a learned skill. Once understood, this skill can be easily applied.

Team Enhancement

Team Enhancement

Improving team effectiveness is an ongoing work in progress with a number of key facets, from establishing ing team culture to handling conflict. What is your current need?

About Congruence Training​

Congruence Training (Pty) Ltd designs and delivers exceptional experiential and classroom-based presentation skills and customer service training courses as well as management development programmes.

Our Commitment

Everyone wants to be seen to be doing their best and rewarded for it. The Congruence Team is committed to developing effectiveness in people. Our quest is to bring out the best in your people by empowering them through better communication skills to do their very best.

Online or in-person

Depending on the programme our people development and coaching solutions can be conducted in-person or online.

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