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(280 pages) Paul du Toit – 2009

Surviving Women Stylishly

Much has been written about relationships. Most of it has been written by women. A great deal of it has been agonizing about… men, and how to understand them. This is puzzling, since men are, mostly, uncomplicated creatures. Most men, on the other hand, understand clearly that it’s far more fun simply enjoying women than trying to understand them. That’s why there’s far less literature available this way around.

Herewith then, a bold attempt at providing a manual, or at worst a collection of instructions on how to pleasurably survive (and preferably enjoy) our fairer companions under a plethora of varying circumstances. Having read this book, a man will understand, exactly how to sail the sea of female emotions at full sail with the wind at their backs, frosted beverage in hand. Hopefully, they will become acquainted with a basic set of protocols that will facilitate such fun – and failing that, at least a modicum of sustainable peace.

Cartoons are courtesy of the inimitable master “toonist” Nigel Babb. The book was written, ostensibly for male consumption. Do not however be surprised to find your lady, closeted away with her own copy, giggling away uncontrollably (and sheepishly) at the familiarity of the contents.

By the gift of this book upon a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s or Father’s Day to the man in any lady’s life, she reveals herself to not only be of enduring humour, but a darn good sport to boot. This would be especially appropriate if either were, for one or other reason, intent on harmonious relationships with their opposite half.

International acclaim: “An utter disgrace. Dismantles in one fell swoop, 55 years of progress made by the Women’s Liberation Movement.”

– Joan Paddington-Squires, President Womens Liberation Movement of Minnesota.

The book is available in hard copy (South Africa) or as an eBook.

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