Customer Relationship Skills (CRS)

Available as a public programme in Johannesburg. Also offered in-house. Two or three full days. Recommend up to 16 delegates.

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You may be losing customers because you’re not providing value, or your customer service is poor. You can fix the first. Only quality customer service training courses will address the 2nd. Because when they have the choice, people experience great customer service  from nice people who do what they say they’ll do, correct and on time.

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Great customer service is now a standard expectation in the marketplace. Businesses that fail in this respect suffer cataclysmically, often blissfully unaware that they are haemorrhaging customers. Whilst most individuals are adamant that they provide good service to others, they themselves report often receiving poor service from others. We reason that whilst we ourselves deliver, we do not receive the same in return.

How are your people treating the folk who paid last month’s bills – your current customers?

Addressing the customer service divide and its issues too often falls into the low priority or “nuisance” category.  When things go wrong, customer relations may be highlighted as a concern, but by then the culture is already entrenched.

Seemingly soft issues are ignored when all is well. It has been shown in countless organisations that only proactive intervention will change a poor service level culture – it will never change on it’s own. Humans tend to be big on expectation but not quite as big on delivery – similar perhaps to our relationships. A true “customer service culture” in organisations remains rare, as is a practical method of reversing bad habits. That’s why we’ve designed, perfected and continue to receive orders for our uplifting 2-day “Customer Relationship Skills” (CRS), delivered by quite extraordinary facilitators. Because it creates a lasting customer service culture.

Customer Service Training (CRS) Course Content:
  • The “river of life” introduction
  • The customer chain
  • Customer service philosophy
  • Attitude adjustment
  • Managing for customer care
  • Personality/social styles
  • Communication
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Problem Solving
  • Giving and taking criticism
  • Skills implementation
  • Motivation to succeed

For shop floor-level delegates, we recommend Practical Customer Service Skills (PCSS) – Find out more HERE.

Customer Service Training Objectives:

The customer service training course provides the philosophy, tools and understanding to create strong and lasting customer relationships with internal and external customers, and to successfully handle difficult situations and upset customers. This is followed by skills implementation and a motivational close.

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Accreditation and unit standard alignment

The Congruence Group has been delivering innovative and outcomes based customer service training since 1996. Congruence Training (Pty) Ltd has been an accredited provider of learning and development through the Services Seta (#0552) since 2005.