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The Inclusive Workplace

A staggering number of Post Covid reports refer to tired and burned-out employees.  What will make people want to return to the work place? How do we put: the zing back into workplaces?  the excitement back into employees?  the fulfilment back into jobs?                 Start by making your […]

How to Draw a Line in the Sand

It often takes a disaster before we stop and ask: “How could that have been prevented?” And: “How do we prevent this from happening again?” As our country struggles with so many challenges – including state capture, we contemplate how we got to this place. Would you have the courage to be a whistle blower?  […]

Succession Planning: A Threat Or A Promise?

Succession Planning: A Threat or a Promise? When the King dies the King’s heir inevitably takes over and rules. Since the King seldom survived much over 50 in the old days, this was generally a sound plan. The Prince would still be young, strong and, one would hope, clear thinking. If the King had no […]

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