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Relationship Selling

Relying on new business to survive is costly, time consuming and exhausting. Smart organisations rely on a high percentage of turnover from existing clients. Those clients are constantly being targeted by your competitors. If your offering is similar to theirs, why should your clients continue to support your business?

The difference is the relationship. Relationship Selling is about opening doors with clients so that the first sale is the start of an ongoing partnership.  Maintaining the relationship is key and inevitably results in increasing volumes of turnover, better profitability and increased trust. 

Relationship Sellars are in it for the long haul. RS can be delivered as a one day course, a half day workshop or a keynote talk. The course is offered in-house for 8-16 delegates. The workshop or keynote is suitable for an unlimited number of delegates.

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The most successful businesses can attract and retain a significant segment of repeat business. This involves attracting customers, and then knowing how to retain those customers for extended periods – preferably forever. It also involves upselling to and growing with customers. Consequently, the business must be constructed in such a way that every customer touch point becomes an experience designed to strengthen your customers emotional bond to your business.

The first crucial stage of the process is Relationship Selling, where sales personnel and key account managers understand and live the behaviours that will attract and set up long term customer relationships. It also involves educating every member of staff who interface with customers why their individual roles are crucial in sustaining relationships.

This programme covers the following:

This programme is often done in conjunction with our powerful Customer Relationship Skills course.

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