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Smart Negotiating

Smart Negotiating

Two full days. Recommended 10-15 delegates.

Cooperation is vital in practically every sphere of business. But by nature, everyone has their own interests at heart. The supplier wants the best price for their produce or service whilst the buyer wants the cheapest price in order to get more value for his money. The manager wants more productivity, yet the employee wants more money for her toil.

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In order to reach agreement, it is important to understand how to negotiate. But negotiation is not only about getting the better of your opponent. It is about building relationships by reaching a sustainable solution for both parties that will last. Everyone must walk away feeling that they have an agreement that they can live with. That’s why it’s called “Smart Negotiating”.

In business, you seldom get what you deserve – you get what you negotiate. The Smart Negotiating programme focuses on developing skills required to negotiate successfully by using specific, proven effective negotiating techniques and behaviour, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes and long-term relationships.

Course Content

Delegates learn the fundamentals of effective negotiation and its steps.

Workshop Methodology

The workshop is a facilitated process, which maximises individual learning, rather than a typical classroom situation. We make use of videos, guided discussion, and group projects, as well as experiential skill building exercises such as case studies and role plays.

The focus is a practical approach to negotiations, in addition to encouraging individual mastery and responsibility for skill transfer.

This programme is designed for business people, sales executives and managers who conduct mid-level negotiations. It is offered in-house and runs for 2 to 3 days depending on the size of the group and the brief of the client. It is suitable for 10-14 delegates.

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