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Webinar – Customer Experience (CX) Now

Next preview webinar: Great Service Is Profitable – to be advised

Present With Confidence course- in person or on Zoom

In person course 30 November-1 December and video conference course 25-28 January 2022

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Customer Experience (CX) Webinar

Great service is profitable: A business without customers effectively has no business being in business. What if you have just one customer? Well, that’s risky, because that one customer could leave you for any number of reasons even if you’re delivering excellent service. You then have no business. The trick is to have a pool of good quality customers and to serve them well. That means that if any of them stop dealing with you, you have others to fall back on, while you continue serving them and looking for new customers. These facts have always been so – for ages. Then what has changed? Customer priorities have, and the shift has been remarkable and sometimes surprising. Join me on this 30 minute webinar to discover what you should be doing differently to keep your customers loyal to your business today. I’ll also give you 3 strong pointers why great customer service is immensely profitable. Always has been, always will be!

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Empowering Managers

The best employees don’t always make the best managers – at least – not without proper training. Being successful as a manager in one company or department also does not guarantee success elsewhere.

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Present With Confidence

Learn how you can present like a pro, dazzle your audience and get the results you want every time.  Let us help you to drastically improve your public speaking skills with our quality presentation skills training. Our new online course caters for both in person and online presentations. In a few days you will feel and see the difference. You’ll also be confident of getting the presentation results you aim for.

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Empowering Supervisors

Supervisors, or junior managers face unique challenges requiring a special set of skills with which they are often not equipped on appointment. Empowering Supervisors addresses these skills sets, and teaches supervisors the ability to lead work teams whilst communicating effectively with their managers.

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About Congruence Training

Congruence Training

Congruence Training (Pty) Ltd designs and delivers exceptional experiential and classroom based presentation skills and customer service training courses as well as management development programmes both in-house and public.

Our commitment

The Congruence Team is committed to developing effectiveness in people. We know that everyone wants to be seen to be doing their best. Our quest is to bring out the best in your people by empowering them.

Our mission

Congruence Training’s mission is to cultivate a well-equipped, balanced and focused team to invest in the lives of every person they meet. We aim to maintain our position as a respected provider of accredited services to our clients, actively contributing to the success of all its stakeholders.

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